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Information for Parents and Whanau

What does my child need to bring and wear?


• A named school bag

• Correct and named school uniform

• Named black leather shoes for Winter

• Named black/ brown roman sandals for Summer

• A named bottle for drinking water

• A lunchbox containing enough healthy food for the day – fruit/veges, sandwiches


How can I help my child ‘be their best’?


• Send you child to school with a satisfied ‘tummy’ after a nutritious breakfast at home – weetbix without sugar, porridge, toast, eggs

• Ensure your child has enough sleep and is in bed before 8 p.m each night

• Keep your child warm and dry by providing the correct school uniform

• Keep your child at Yendarra School as changing schools disrupts learning


After School Care is available through SKIDS. Ask at the school office for more information about our After School Care programme that operates from 2.45- 6.00 each school day.


Healthy Lunch Box Guide

What if my child is unwell?

Your child shouldn’t attend school if he/she has a temperature (more than 38°C), coloured discharge from the nose, an unidentified rash or spots, sore throat, severe cough, vomiting, diarrhoea or headlice.


If your child becomes sick while at Yendarra School, we’ll let you know immediately.


Any other questions?

Don’t hesitate to tell us what’s on your mind. We’re ready to listen and help. Call 09 -2747431 or email office@ yendarra.school.nz

2018 School Term


Term 1 - Feb 4th - April 13th

Term 2 - April 29th - Jul 5th

Term 3 - Jul 22nds - Sep 27th

Term 4 - Oct 14th - Dec 20th

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